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Table Tennis as a Mental Exercise

March 5, 2014 by admin

Table tennis, or ping pong, has frequently been called the “lifetime sport.” The sport has both a physical and mental fitness element to it. The physical benefits of sports are often touted, but brain fitness is not always referenced. Neuroscientists, trainers and therapists all agree that table tennis can improve the quality of life in more than just a physical sense. Aerobic exercise has always been the most effective brain workout, and table tennis is a fun, safe and adjustably intense aerobic workout.

Check out this video on the mental benefits of table tennis from

Table tennis has proven to be one of the most efficient, cost effective activities for spurring cognitive, social, and physical prowess for people of all ages and abilities. Studies have found table tennis stimulates brain activity and cognitive development and awareness. Table tennis serves three key purposes:

  • Brain cardio - Table tennis has been called “the number one brain sport” because it requires rapid thinking, anticipation, as well as physical agility. Just 15 minutes of table tennis can enhance an individual’s overall awareness, not to mention daily physical activity & productivity.
  • Mental cleanse - We live in an increasingly electronic world. We are always connected and that has negative effects on the brain. We are overloaded on images, advertisements and digital movement. Table tennis provides a non-electronic channel for the home or office so you can unplug and play.
  • Social catalyst - Since people of all skill levels can enjoy playing, the sport can help develop social skills by encouraging competition, collaboration and teamwork.

Table tennis is one of the only physical activities that transcend age and gender. Whether you are looking for intense workout or a light rehabilitation activity, ping pong can serve all purposes.

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