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Table Tennis Forehand Counter

April 17, 2014 by admin

This is the forehand counter used in warm-up. Notice the rhythmic play and careful placement. The pace is moderate, so a rally can be kept up. Notice how the feet are constantly in motion, and the balance shifts with every phase of the stroke.

Start from the ready position; swing your arm back. Twist your body to the right, and shift your weight to your right leg. After the ball bounces, start your swing forward. Arm and body move forward into the ball. The balance shifts forward. Contact the ball at the highest point of the bounce, a little in front of you. This is the contact point. Snap your forearm on contact. Your weight shifts to the left for a short follow-through. Recover immediately for the ready position.

Concentrate on crisp contact and develop a feel for it. Although this stroke is not used much during the game, it is very useful for the beginning phase of a warm-up, either before a match or before practice. It helps you gain the rhythm and touch you need for other strokes. Since it's relatively smooth, it allows your muscles to warm up without being stressed too early.

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