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Table Tennis Customization for the Kansas City Royals

June 28, 2017 by Jake Counselbaum

At Killerspin, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality table tennis tables and accessories. But did you know that beyond our standard offerings, we also offer customization for table tennis balls, paddles, and tables?

Table Tennis Customization

If you’re anything like me, the option for table tennis customization has your mind racing with ideas. The possibilities truly are endless, whether you want to incorporate a logo or more detailed design.

To give you some ideas to get started, I’d like to share a behind-the-scenes look at a trip I made recently to Kansas City. I was on a mission to see the Kansas City Royals’ new custom ping pong table in action, and figured I might as well spend some time at a ballgame while I was in the neighborhood.

The trip started with an early Saturday morning flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Why Chicago, you ask? Because Killerspin is headquartered in the Windy City (and I live nearby)!

Of course, as Killerspin’s Social Media Manager, I couldn’t miss the opportunity for a Killerspin O’Hare product shot. After all, table tennis would make for a great pre-flight time waster! If only I was flying out of the General Mitchell International Airport out of Milwaukee… They offer airport visitors the option to play on a public ping pong table (a Killerspin table!) to kill time.

Table Tennis Customization

Instead of getting into a game of table tennis, I boarded my flight and made my way to Kansas City. After landing, I ended up stopping by Joe’s BBQ to kill a few hours (and to devour a hearty meal before today’s activities). It was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had, which should come as no surprise as it's on Anthony Bourdain’s 13 Places to Eat At Before You Die.

Table Tennis Customization

After feasting on some delicious barbecue, I made my way to today’s main destination: Kauffman Stadium. Around 3pm, I picked up a field pass from the MLB, and got that “I feel official” smile on my face. After all, how often does a person get that up close and personal with a professional baseball diamond? I found myself nostalgically thinking back to dreams of my childhood, watching them come true before my eyes.

Around 4pm after getting my pass, I paused for some more product shots. Some people always have their wallet on them; I always have a Killerspin paddle on me. It’s all about priorities.

Here’s one of my favorite shots of Killerspin’s paddle behind home plate.

Table Tennis Customization

After spending some time on the field of Kauffman Stadium, my new friend Jason Hammel met me outside, where he was immediately hounded by fans. Fighting through the crowd, he brought me back into the clubhouse where a few Kansas City Royals players were playing table tennis to get loose before their game. What a sight! I thought I’d been snapping pics of Killerspin’s products out in the wild, but I definitely hadn’t expected the team to be playing table tennis when I walked in. It’s cool to think about Killerspin’s role in their warm up.

Table Tennis Customization

I took some pictures and videos of the Kansas City Royals players in action with their Killerspin table tennis customization, watching players skilled with bats demonstrate their similarly amazing talent with table tennis paddles. At one point, I couldn’t resist -- I hopped in and even played Jason myself. Can you guess who won?

I won’t spoil the secret and embarrass anyone, but I enjoyed my time getting to know the Kansas City Royals. Jason and I bonded over our love of Pearl Jam while playing our friendly game of table tennis.

Check out this exclusive POV of Jason Hammel wearing Snapchat Spectacles.

Thanks to the Snapchat Spectacles I lent the Kansas City Royals players (I am in social media, after all), I was able to get some amazing footage of the baseball players warming up with table tennis. It’s every bit as enthralling as the game they’re paid to play.

Table Tennis Customization

After parting ways with the team, the day went by fast. Jason brought me back out to my seat, which was located right behind home plate. I watched the Kansas City Royals play a great game that culminated in a win. Part of me wants to attribute some of that win to their table tennis customization and their resulting warm up routine, but who’s to say for sure? After a short day in Kansas City, I was on my way back home--planning Killerspin’s next big social push.

Table Tennis Customization

Intrigued by the possibilities that result from superior design and professional table tennis products?

If you’d like the Kansas City Royals’ winning streak to rub off on your team, organization, office, or even home, get in touch so that we create the perfect custom table tennis product for you. Start with table tennis balls, a racket, or even a table to feel the Killerspin difference and gain a winning edge.

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