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Spice Up Your Ping Pong Experience with These 3 Alternative Games

April 12, 2016 by admin

Every day, all across the world, families, friends and colleagues alike are sharing beautiful moments gathered around ping pong tables. Ever since its humble beginnings as a “parlor game” in the late 19th century, this fun game has been taking over the world and our hearts, home by home, office by office.

And while there are two official ways to play table tennis: singles and doubles, the number of ways you can have fun playing this game is infinite. If you have access to a table, a couple paddles and a ball, you’re in for some epic time! And that’s the only rule that matters.

So if you ever want to spice up your daily ping pong routine, there’s no reason not to get creative and play with the rules a little bit. After all, that’s how many different variations of ping pong came about. Here’s couple of them you can try out and enjoy with your opponents.

Around The World Ping Pong Game

Round the World Ping Pong

This version of ping pong is perfect for larger groups and can provide a great work out. It’s a “last player standing” game for three or more participants.

Players should form a circle around the table, each with his own paddle. The trick here is that every time you hit the ball you move to the other side of the table and the person behind you takes your place (it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to move clockwise or counterclockwise, just don’t forget to let everyone know). Your goal is not to make any mistakes and, most importantly, to keep the rally going.

Each of you should start with a certain amount of points (usually 5) and every time someone makes a mistake – he loses a point. The person to lose all the points is out of the game. Last man standing wins! This one can be a little bit challenging when it comes down to the last two players. So be ready to break some sweat or just have the last to competitors settle it with a standard ping pong point.

Ping-pong Basketball

Basketball on a table tennis table sounds unbelievable, but ping pong knows no boundaries. Place two plastic cups (identical ones preferably) on the opposite ends of the table. Take turns bouncing a ball across the table with each opponent aiming for the other one’s cup. You could even use your paddle to defend your cup and prevent your opponent to score a point. You can use the regular basketball scoring system or even come up with your own.

Table Tennis Squash

Table Squash

This is a game for two players and the rules are almost identical to regular ping pong. Except for a little twist. Place your ping pong table against the wall with the net remaining on the table at an angle of 90° to the wall. Each player ten stand on the opposite side of the table. Use your bat to hit the ball off the wall to your opponents’ half of the table. (Except for the serves, where the ball should first hit your half of the table then the wall and then you opponents’ half of the table. Just like the original game.) The same scoring system applies.

Your Turn!

Have you ever played any of these versions of ping pong? Do you know any other ones? What’s your favorite version of table tennis? We would love to see your thoughts in the comments section.


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