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Smashfest - Killerspin

July 23, 2014 by admin


While a party at its core, Smashfest is held to benefit important causes impacting people all over the world. Concussions and brain injuries impact athletes from children all the way to professionals, in a variety of sports, as well as accident victims, military personnel and countless others. Smashfest partners with head injury organizations to raise awareness and funding for these trauma victims. Smashfest also supports the advocacy and research of rare cancers, a cause that is close to the heart of Smashfest host Dominic Moore as his wife Katie passed away from a rare form of liver cancer in 2013. Included below are the organizations that your involvement with Smashfest will support.

The Katie Moore Foundation for rare cancers, created in honor of Dominic’s late wife, is committed to fostering productive and efficient research on projects that show promise, but do not receive the attention and funding needed. The Foundation aims to provide advice and resources for patients and families looking for answers as they manage their care, which can be all the more difficult with rare disease.
The Steve Moore Foundation focuses on the prevention and treatment of concussion and similar serious head and neck injuries in sport. The Foundation seeks to bring together the expertise, experiences, best practices and cutting edge studies of the world’s leaders in the field in order to advance collective knowledge, while sharing this knowledge through education initiatives.

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