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Should You Buy a Ping Pong or a Pool Table?

April 6, 2016 by admin

You’re decorating your new home or just making some changes to your current place. You want to create a cozy game room for you and your loved ones. While we all wish we had room for everything, it’s not always possible to fit both a pool table and pong pong table in the same room. Given that these games tend to take a central position in a rec. room, this begs the question, should you get a table tennis table or a pool table?

It can be hard to choose between Pool and Ping Pong

Pool (or billiard) tables can add elegance to a room. This wasn’t always the case with ping pong tables, at least not until Killerspin and our Revolution series entered the game. Our tables are known for their aesthetic, differentiated design, creating a unique look that everyone’s proud to show off.

Killerspin Revolution Killerspin Revolution

With its state of the art design and uncompromising quality, no table (pool or ping pong) can match the The Killerspin Revolution Series.

Break a little sweat

Now more than ever, we all need a fun activity that will make us unplug, get up and break a little sweat. You can’t really expect that from a game of pool. Table tennis, on the other hand, is much more dynamic and can actually help you burn some calories and stay in shape. A 150-pound person can burn over 270 calories by playing table tennis for an hour.

Everyone can play table tennis

Who can play table tennis? Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

While playing pool can be pretty frustrating with no previous experience, table tennis is much easier to get into. That’s why ping pong is a tried and true staple of American homes. It hits on all points of the perfect game – regardless of your family members’ ages, genders, body-types or physical abilities – anyone can pick up a paddle and be hitting rallies in no time.

Also, if you decide to get a ping pong table, you won’t have to worry how to get it inside your home or how to move it around. Instead, focus on find out new ways to utilize the extra space you just saved. Each of our tables can be easily rolled out of the way by one or two people. Try doing that with a pool table!

Game, Set, Match, Ping Pong wins over Pool

After considering all this, you can get the idea why ping pong tables are taking over offices and homes across America. Having a pool table is still great but in case you have to choose, the winner should be clear, it’s game, set, match – table tennis.


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