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Spin the Rio

August 10, 2016 by admin

Who will win this year's medals in table tennis at the Rio Olympic Games?

Table tennis has been part of the Olympics since the 1988 Seoul Games. In that time, China has been the most successful nation in Olympic table tennis, winning 41 total medals. Since 1992, Chinese players have won at least one medal in every event. At the 2008 Games, China achieved an unprecedented medal sweep in both mens and womens singles tournaments.

Plenty of fans believe that Ma Long will win the men’s singles gold medal. He has had a fantastic 18 months, winning the World Championship, World Cup, World Tours Final and the World Team gold medal. He is number one in the world and the most dominant player in table tennis right now. The only question is, who will play with him in finals? I believe it will be a memorable match for sure.

"The Olympics is different from the other competitions, so mentally I need to work harder," he said after qualifying for Rio. He believes the event is the most important in his sporting career.

With Ma Long on the Chinese team, table tennis fans are sure that China will take the gold medal in team table tennis event. The fun part in this category is who will take silver and bronze medal. The competition is fierce, as South Korea, Japan and Germany have strong teams that could secure second and third place.

It's the same situation in the women’s team event. If the fans are right, China will win gold again because they have great players such as Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and Liu Shiwen on their team.

The only event where there is more uncertainty about who will win is the women’s singles.

Again, fans are sure it will be a Chinese player, but which Chinese player?

In the 2012 Games, Li Xiaoxia won the gold medal and Ding Ning took silver. Will the two of them meet again in the finals? Will Li Xiaoxia be able to defend gold medal? We can only wait an see. 


Even though it will most likely be Chinese domination in table tennis in Rio, I am sure there will be great rallies, great stories, and great drama. And the world will get to see more of the sport we table tennis fans love so much.

What do you think? What are your predictions for this year Olympic Games?

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