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Ping Pong Table for Christmas - Order by December 11th!

December 1, 2014 by admin

Order your Killerspin ping pong table by December 11th and you are guaranteed to receive it before Christmas day!

We all remember that one Christmas present that changed our lives. Just thinking about it gives us that warm, nostalgic feeling. Perhaps your gift was the Game Boy you played in your dreams, the Easybake Oven that inspired the little chef inside you, or the Erector Set to launch your engineering career. Either way, that one present had you squirming in your seat with ten minutes to go in the school day, ecstatic to come home to your new passion.

For many of us at Killerspin – and for millions of Americans – that present was a ping pong table. Across the world, table tennis is both a fun game and a technical sport. It is enjoyed among family members and in social settings regardless of age, gender or physical ability. Table tennis is also a highly-competitive, international Olympic sport. Table tennis is proven to bring families together as one of the only sports the whole family can enjoy while providing multiple benefits. Or perhaps your family is a bit more competitive and you strive to emerge victorious in your "friendly" table tennis battles (Killerspin Skill can help you with that).

Either way, give the whole family that one gift they will remember. Create that irreplaceable excitement that makes the clock at school (or work) tick at audible volumes and be on your way to officially becoming a “table tennis family.” Order your ping pong table by December 11th so you can start playing on Christmas day!

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We’re curious, what was the gift that did it for you?

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