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Killerspin New Year's Deals

December 30, 2014 by admin

Kick off 2015 with a bang - or should we say, a ping!

Let's be honest, we all know what typically happens with our New Year's resolutions...

There's a reason that only 8% of people actually fulfill these self-made promises. Most of them are uninspiring, vague or straight-up boring. Killerspin is here to help you get creative this year. Table tennis can help you achieve goals you plan to accomplish year after year, such as:

  • Get in shape/ Be more active - going to the gym is a healthy option, but one of the most difficult to uphold. Table tennis can be a fun game or an aerobic sport. Don't believe us? Play for 1 minute against our Throw Robot at high speed and see if you sweat...we dare you.
  • Spend more time with family - if you have a family, this should probably be your resolution every year. Table tennis spans generations from small child to grandparent - a staple of happy American homes for years.
  • Adopt a new hobby - a pretty standard resolution, but forcing interest in something new isn't easy. Table tennis is not only a fun game but a highly technical sport. Check out Killerspin Skill for proof.

Get healthy, become a better you, and have fun doing it. To help you fulfill these goals and give you a little something extra (we know your wallet is begging for something free), we have some New Year's deals for you:


Receive a FREE, professional-grade Diamond C RTG with any Revolution table purchase (excludes table packages)

Revolution - New Year's Sale

Receive a FREE Success in Table Tennis 2nd Edition DVD with any MyT series table purchase (excludes table packages)

MyT10 ClubPro with free DVD

Receive a FREE Optima Paddle Case with any RTG purchase (excludes paddle sets)


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