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NEW - Killerspin Complete Table Packages

September 9, 2014 by admin

Which table should I order? Which paddles should I get with the table? How many balls should I order initially?

These are some common questions when buying a ping pong table and accessories. All these questions, and you really just want to start playing! Well, we at Killerspin have made it easier for you to decide. We have launched new ping pong table packages complete with rackets and balls, to give you everything you need to start playing immediately.

We have chosen our bestselling, best-reviewed tables and paired them with the necessities at a discount to you (up to a $280 savings). Make it easy on yourself and on your wallet by ordering one of our promotional packages below:

MyT-7-Black-Package-_Package-1_MyT7 Black - Table Tennis Package

The MyT7 Black package mixes quality with style. The unique black top is made with a glare-reducing paint. This table folds up and rolls for maneuverability and easy storage. If you are looking for a versatile table the whole family can enjoy, look no further.

MyT10-Club-Pro-Blue-Package-_Package-2_MyT10 Club Pro Blue - Table Tennis Package

The MyT10 Club Pro is the mack-daddy of rollaway tables. Touting our thickest top, thickest frame and most sturdy casters, the MyT10 ClubPro may just be the last table you ever need to buy.

MyT-Outdoor_PackageMyT-Outdoor - Table Tennis Package

Oh outdoor table tennis, how much we love thee. Let us count thy ways. Take your game outdoors with this premium table made with a weatherproof aluminum-plastic blend and all the outdoor equipment you need to start playing immediately.

MyT-Street-Edition_PackageMyT-Outdoor Street Edition - Table Tennis Package

Want to play outdoors with a bit more style? The MyT-Outdoor Street Edition is a unique, black-top outdoor table with silver legs. Roll it out, lock it in, and become the envy of the neighborhood.

Killerspin Revolution - Table Tennis Packagerevolution-package_rev1

The Killerspin Revolution, our flagship product, is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood. The red and blue color combination is a sign of the world’s only U.S. based table tennis company, Killerspin. As our original premium table, the Revolution is considered one of the most beautiful, most unique tables in the world.

Revolution-SVR-PackageKillerspin Revolution SVR - Table Tennis Package

Considering a Revolution package? Take the next step to the SVR, complete with brushed aluminum base, this table is a perfect fit for the high-end game room or upscale office. As one of the most sought-after tables in the world, the Revolution SVR can be the ideal accent to your gaming sanctuary.


Killerspin Revolution SVR-B - Premium Table Tennis PackageRevolution-SVR-B_Package-Updated

The most prestigious table tennis table on the planet, the Revolution SVR-B is topped with a premium glare-reducing, ball-mark-resistant black paint using our 16 layer Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) process – truly making it a one-of-a-kind table. If you want the best…look no further.

We have chosen these packages based on popularity and convenience. These packages all include everything you need to start playing immediately. Choose the table tennis set that is right for you and start on your path to becoming a true table tennis enthusiast! If you have questions about tables or equipment, call Killerspin customer service at 1.866.577.5291.

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