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NEW - Killerspin Ping Pong Paddle Sets

September 12, 2014 by admin

You want a quality paddle. You want it to last. Most of all, you just want to start playing! Our new Killerspin paddle sets were created to help you start playing immediately with these discounted sets and FREE SHIPPING on all!

Killerspin paddles and cases have long been recognized in the table tennis community as the best of the best in terms of quality and style. We understand that it’s difficult to choose a paddle and an accompanying case to protect it due to so many options. In order to make your decision easier, we have paired our most popular, best-reviewed paddles with our most stylish cases. On top of that, we threw in some premium ping pong balls, giving you the complete set you need to start dominating your competition in style.

Check out our new paddle packages below. To elevate your game or to give a loved one the perfect gift, start here:

Stilo7 SVR

Absolutely the most unique paddle on the market. The Stilo7 SVR is the world’s first carbon-fiber paddle and possibly the lightest/fastest in the world, complete with a piano-finish, felt-lined box. If ping pong prestige is what you’re looking for, you have found it. The Stilo7 SVR is available with a flared or anatomic handle.


Diamond CQDiamond CQ Premium - Ping Pong Paddle Set

The Diamond CQ Premium is widely known as one of the best on the planet. Used by Killerspin Pros Biba Golic and Ilija Lupulesku (5-time Olympian), the Diamond CQ is the perfect mix of power and control. Infused with 2 layers of a carbon composite material, equipped with our world-renowned Fortissimo rubber, the Diamond CQ Premium is one of the best rackets money can buy. Available in a flared or straight handle, paired with a stylish, red metal carrying case and 3 pack of premium 4-star balls.


Kido7pKido7P Flared RTG Premium - Ping Pong Paddle Set

Possibly our most versatile racket (and one of our best sellers), the Kido7P Premium comes with our celebrated Fortissimo rubber, one of the world’s best, providing exceptional power and spin. Made with 7 layers of premium wood, the Kido7P is perfect for the intermediate/advanced player looking to up their game. Completed in this package is our stylish SVR Barracuda paddle case and a 3-pack of premium 4-star balls.

Jet-800-Paddle-Package-2JET800 - Ping Pong Paddle Set

If you’re looking for power without breaking the bank, the JET800 is for you. Infused with a layer of a carbon composite material, providing greater speed, the JET800 will overpower your opponent while helping you keep the ball on the table. This set is completed with an original Barracuda paddle case and a 3-pack of premium 4-star balls.


Jet-600-Paddle-Package-1JET600 - Ping Pong Paddle Set

A mix of power and control, the JET600 comes with our high quality Nitrx 4Z rubber. Coupled with our protective and stylish Hard Racket Case, the JET600 will give you a leg over the competition.

Carry in style and bring your "A-game" with these new table tennis racket sets. Enjoy free shipping on all of these sets and start your table tennis dominance immediately!

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