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At The Heart Of The Mediterranean - Killerspin Paradise Table Tennis Academy

June 16, 2016 by admin

Let Killerspin take you on a journey you will cherish for all the wonderful moments you’ll spend sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and playing table tennis with your family! Hosted at Forte Village, a World-Class Sardinian beach resort, your Killerspin experience will combine nature, fine dining, wellness and sport to create an unforgettable holiday experience.



From the moment you land in Cagliari, Italy, treasures will be waiting to be discovered. Luxurious Villas provide rest, peace and mornings filled with only the smell of delicious Mediterranean breakfast and the sound of the sea. And a ping pong ball.



A variety of excitements are at your disposal during the day, including beaches of white sand that are rarely exposed to strong winds and never too hot, and most importantly, sheltered from the rest of the world. Feel free to roam the 116 acres of green space by foot or bike with more than 15,000 trees of pine, eucalyptus, olives, hibiscus and palms, that come together to create a wonderful setting that will arise an intense sense of freedom.



The spectacular sea has an alternative, and it’ll make your kids beam with joy. Three Oasis pools, one of which has water slides as well, provide over 800 feet of fun. For your own pleasure, visit any of the Spa corners, for Thalassotherapy, massage therapy treatments, and beauty treatments.



The best of all, in the heart of the resort is Killerspin Skill Academy, a place where your kids will #UnPlugNPlay, reconnect with their surroundings and improve their ping pong skills with the help of professional coaches. Each coach has won multiple gold and silver medals at all tournaments levels, including regional and national championships and Olympic games. During the lessons they’ll be using the highest quality Killerspin equipment, from balls and paddles to our unique, tournament level Revolution tables.


The Killerspin Skill Academy is situated in the middle of the resort’s beautiful oasis, in the venue where many of the world’s best table tennis players have trained and held lessons. It’s spacious and equipped with all the necessary features for a table tennis hideout.



There’s no other table tennis program like this, and no other Academy situated in a place as luxurious as Killerspin Paradise. If you’d like to spend your summer in a beautiful environment, have your kids away from the screen and engaged during the entire day, call us at 866-577-5291 or email us at for more information.

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