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Killerspin's UnPlugNPlay Summer

September 1, 2016 by Una Vidanovic

This year was amazing for Killerspin. We decided to organize our first #UnPlugNPlay Summer. Our goal was to promote physical activities and bonding with people without using technology. The first event took place at the heart of Chicago - Millennium Park on Tuesday July 5th. Dozens of people put down their cellphones to play a quick match of table tennis.

And this was just the beginning. Every Thursday at Chase Tower you were able to see our table tennis tables that were waiting for people of any age, shape and size to just #UnPlugNPlay.  

druga slika

Why Table Tennis?

Some say you don’t need much room, others that it’s inexpensive. How many sports can be played amongst family members? Take some time to enjoy table tennis with your parents or kids because what other physical activity can you enjoy together? One hour per week can make a big difference.

For Killerspin it’s an easy answer - it’s the game for everyone. We exist to help you create memorable moments with your loved ones and we believe that table tennis is a great sport for that. With our highly designed table tennis tables we wanted to offer the people experience they will cherish for lifetime. And what a better way to show them then to offer the opportunity to just unplug and play for entire summer. This year the event was set in Chicago.

Millennium Park and Chase Tower

The #UnPlugNPlay Summer started at Millennium park on July 5th. You can say it started at 10am, but for us it started the moment people traded their cell phones for table tennis paddles. Some say they just wanted to see what’s going on and stayed for few hours playing table tennis with their friends. Singles or in teams, all the tables were used for entire day. We thought nine tables would be too much, but we were wrong :) That’s why we shared our tables at Chase Tower. In case you missed playing table tennis at Millennium Park event, you were able to catch up every other Thursday. Tables were set at Outdoor Plaza during lunch hours and available for everyone who needed 15 minutes of playing.  A great way for people to make friends with one another, don’t you think? If you don’t believe us read what some of them had to say:

“Although our entertainment choices are totally different, we both love table tennis, it’s our time together” - said one of the fathers while playing with his son.

“This is an active sport. You can’t just pull your phone out in the middle of a game. It’s been almost an hour without my phone and I never once thought to check it.” - said another player. He also shared with us that he came for a quick game with his friend and ended up staying for few hours.
treca slika 1

As the crown of this amazing summer we organized World’s UnPlugNPlay Festival. This festival is about building connections with the people we love and people that need our love. More about this Festival we will be sharing in our next blog posts. Stay tuned!

We are glad we helped creating memorable moments for so many people during this summer. Even though the summer is over, don’t forget to #UnPlugNPlay. We will be waiting for you next year.

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