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Up For Whatever Deal!

February 1, 2014 by admin

Bud Light, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ping Pong!

We at Killerspin are happy to see Bud Light and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the ping pong game! The belly-busting Bud Light teaser ads and full-length commercial featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the man-to-beat is definitely the highlight to their Up For Whatever campaign.

Killerspin was proud to be part of these innovative ads featuring our Revolution SVR table along with Killerspin rackets and balls.

Bud Light and Arnold Schwarzenegger involvement with Killerspin

Most people don’t know that both Bud Light and Arnold have a history with table tennis in collaboration with Killerspin. Bud Light and Killerspin teamed up in 2009 to put on the Bud Light HardBat Classic, offering the largest first place prize money in table tennis history of $100,000! Over 500 table tennis athletes participated and only one walked away with the prize.

Killerspin was also a key, annual sponsor in the Arnold Sports Festival, providing equipment and athletes for the nation’s largest sporting event bringing in over 200,000 visitors and more athletes than the Olympic games! Killerspin administered a 4-star USATT event with hundreds of participants and prize money.

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