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Introducing the Jet Black

December 1, 2014 by admin

The Jet Black is Killerspin’s latest paddle to hit the market. It exudes Killerspin style with its simple yet sleek design, including Killerspin branding on the black and yellow handle.

The Jet Black is performance ready, comprised of 5-plys of quality wood, giving it a soft feel and thus a high degree of control. Glued to this wood is Killerspin’s high-tension Nitrx 4Z rubber, providing extra power on smashes and looping shots. The Nitrx 4Z rubber also allows for increased spin, for those who use heavy spin on serves or ground strokes. With black rubbers on both sides of the blade, the Jet Black is easily the most stylish, affordable paddle on the market.

The Jet Black pairs perfectly with any of our black top tables. If you are purchasing the Revolution SVR-B or MyT10 ClubPro, these paddles are a must to complete your black-themed game room or high-end office space with elegant, luxury table tennis equipment that will wow your guests.

Black is in…and the Killerspin Jet Black is leading the way in the latest table tennis racket design.

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