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Introducing the JET200 Flavor Edition Ping Pong Paddles

October 5, 2016 by Ben Nau

Designed with the beginner’s needs in mind, the new line of JET200 table tennis rackets will help burgeoning players improve their game and reach the next level of play. Balance is the name of the game here, meaning these paddles offer players great spin, speed, and control.

Three exciting new flavors

The JET200 ping pong paddle has always been one of our most unique looking table tennis rackets, and we’ve continued that tradition with our new Flavor Edition paddles. Offered in BluVanilla, Lime and Mocha, there’s a look for every taste.

Jet200 BluVanilla

JET200 BluVanilla

Reminiscent of our retired JET200, the new JET200 BluVanilla offers a deep blue handle that is bisected by a stripe of wood in its natural vanilla state. This natural vanilla color is continued through the 5-layer blade. Matching blue and black rubbers complete the look.

Jet200 Lime

JET200 Lime

If you’re looking for a bright and summery look, the JET200 Lime is a perfect fit. Here, a sunny lime handle is paired with a green rubber that is reminiscent of a summer’s day at the park. The lime green contrasts nicely with the 5-layer natural wood blade and black rubber on the reverse.

Jet200 Mocha

JET200 Mocha

The rich finish of the JET200 Mocha elicits memories of fine wood furniture and soft leather. It will, without a doubt, be popular with those that enjoy the classic look of rich wood stain. The aptly named rubber picks up on the stained wood handle with the color of coffee and milk.

Balanced play so you can focus on improving your game

The JET200 paddle is well know for it predictable play. Balls go where you place them, spin is consistent and controlled, and speed is present, but not overly so. What this means is that this paddle can help you in all areas. It’s not just a attacker’s or defensemen’s paddle, it’s a little bit of everything. There’s no sacrificing when it comes to the JET200.

Which one you plan to choose today? Get your JET200 here.

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