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How to Forehand Loop Off Topspin

April 23, 2014 by admin

The loop is a powerful stroke designed to impart massive top spin. That top spin will make the ball downward and allows high ball speed with a good likelihood of still hitting the ping pong table. The forehand loop off topspin is the shot most long [rallies 00:00:22] is built on. It makes use of top spin already on the ball to generate even more power. Legs, upper body, and arm work together to produce a high racket speed. The forward component of the stroke drives the ball. The upward component uses the necessary top spin for it to arc down after clearing the net. Most of the necessary adjustments are made by bringing the amount of those components. Start in the neutral position. Adjust your placement relative to the ball with a slight hop. Drop the right shoulder and swing your racket on back.

When the ball has reached the top of its bounce, swing forward using the uncoiling power of the body and make contact next to slightly forward of your body. This is the contact point for loop in a top spin ball. Contact the ball when it reaches about the height of your hip just above your right leg. Snap your forearm and brush up hard on the ball. At the same time, solidly shift your weight to the left foot. Follow through with your shoulder and hips and recover. Reset your feet for the next shot. Before you start the forward motion, you should have a solid balance. Use your right leg to push off to start the uncoiling motion. Try to have the ball stay at the racket as long as you can. This will help you develop a good feeling of control. You will decide when the ball leaves the racket.

At first, concentrate on generating the spin. Later, you can increase the speed. Don't pay too much attention to what the shot looks like. Focus on doing the stroke correctly and a good shot will develop naturally. As you complete your stroke, watch the opponent and the ball to try to decide if your next stroke is going to be another forehand loop. If so, be right into your looping stance.

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