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How to Forehand Counter Loop

May 5, 2014 by admin

When a rally has gone past its initial stage, it often becomes a counter looping contest. The players have backed off the ping pong table enough, and now have time to set up a strong counterloop. A heavy topspin guarantees that no matter how hard they hit, the ping pong ball will curve down on the other side of the net.

This shot depends on good timing and good footwork. Once you're in position, it is an extension of the loop off topspin we covered earlier. But the motion is bigger, and the timing is well after the ball reaches the top.

Contact the ball here.

When you counterloop against the spin, it's very important that you use the power of the ball, and then you also go forward and take care about the impact of the ball. This is very important. And of course, bend your knees.

Listen to the sound to judge the quality of your contact. Eventually, this will help you determine the severity of the shot you just produced, and consequently what kind of ball you can expect to come back.

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