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How to Forehand Block in Table Tennis

April 24, 2014 by admin

Blocking is a stroke which uses the force on the ball to make the return. It is mostly used when there isn’t sufficient time for an attack. The forehand block is not used as often as the backhand block, but it serves an important function when there is time pressure. What the block lacks in speed it can make up in placement. Your hand has to be firm. Keep it slightly in front so you can see the contact point and adjust your balance carefully.

Slightly turn your body to the right and raise your hand to where you want to meet the ball. Carefully adjust your racket angle. Let the ball bounce into your racket while still on its rise and gently guide it forward. Contact the ball here. The incoming ball has topspin. The more topspin it has the more you’ll have to close the racket. This is a shot that depends on touch and control, not power. All the movements are very subtle. Since the shot doesn’t require much body movement the ball can be placed very accurately. Make sure you don’t reach for the ball, but move your body into position instead.

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