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How to Backhand Push

June 30, 2014 by admin

The backhand push is a controlled shot that is mostly used as a service receive technique. Occasionally, it is also used in a rally when an attack is impossible. To be successful, the push has to be low and spinny. Step in with your right foot towards the ball. Bring your arm back towards the left side of your body - the ping pong paddle is open. Push the racket forward and brush under ball. This is the contact point. Follow through to spin the ball and help direct it. Recover.

Concentrate on contacting the ball with the leading of your racket, and let it roll over the rubber to pick up spin. You can start varying the spin by letting the ball contact the rubber on the center of the racket, or for no spin, toward the upper edge of the racket. Step in and brush the ball smoothly. Contact the ball after it has reached the top of the bounce so you feel it fall onto the open racket.

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