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Holiday Savings on Ping Pong Tables and Paddles Are Here!

December 7, 2016 by admin

We only offer special savings a few times a year and we’re happy to finally announce the holiday promotions that you’ve all been waiting to hear about are now active on! No matter if you’re looking to buy one of the most stylish ping pong tables ever made, get a tournament-ready folding table tennis table for your home or office, or an upgrade your game with a high-performance ping pong paddle, we have savings made just for you.

Guaranteed Holiday Delivery on Every Ping Pong Table

We know that saving some money doesn’t mean much if there’s no gift to put under (or beside) the tree, which is why we guarantee we can deliver your ping pong table before Christmas, as long as you order by December 13th, 2016. FOR FREE!

If your gifting is running a bit behind, we can even accommodate table tennis table orders after the 13th. There’s more flexibility if you’re close to our offices in Chicago, or if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for expedited shipping. Feel free to reach out to with questions about last minute holiday gift delivery.

Holiday Ping Pong Table and Paddle Special Gifts


Free White Glove Setup and Takeaway Service + $250 Gift Card
with Revolution Bianco and Revolution BlackSteel table purchase
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Free $250 Gift Card
with Revolution SVR-B, Revolution SVR, and Revolution table purchase
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Free $125 Gift Card
with Indoor & Outdoor MyT10 & MyT7 table purchase
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Free $75 Gift Card
with MyT5 & MyT4 table purchase
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Free $75 Gift Card
with Stilo7 SVR paddle purchase
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Free Hard Racket Case
with Diamond or Kido paddle purchase
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Free Pack of Balls
with JET paddle purchase
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The Perfect Holiday Gift

How many times have you gotten your special someone what you think is a great gift, only to find out the thrill doesn’t last and it’s tossed aside for the next big thing in no time? Or how about when your children proceed to fight over access to the new gift?

These issues simply don’t happen with ping pong! Not only will your children WANT to play with each other, the more they play, the more they want to play, ensuring that your gift never gets old.

Speaking of old, a ping pong table is the perfect gift for anyone, young or old. Kids love the fun they have playing, while adults love the great exercise and competitive nature of the game.

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