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7 Great Ways to Burn of the Halloween Candy

October 26, 2016 by Ben Nau

We've all been there. While helping your children sort out their Halloween candy haul, more than you'd like ends up being eaten, "just to make sure it's safe."

Instead of hitting the treadmill to burn off those extra calories, why not try a little ping pong? Below, you'll find seven great ways to enjoy burning off all that extra candy while you UnPlugNPlay with Killerspin.

1. Start a Family Tournament

Planing ping pong burns serious calories, with a 150lb adult burning around 270 calories per hour of play. Keep the game going with double-elimination family tournament. This style of tournament keeps everyone in on the fun longer and guarantees at least two games for each player.

2. Improve Your Game with a Throw II Robot

The Killerspin Throw II Robot is the perfect way to increase your skills while burning off all that candy you enjoyed. Its advanced feature set allows you to work on all aspects of your game, including forehands and backhands with topspin and backspin, all from a wireless remote. Not only will you get better at table tennis, you'll get an amazing workout with your choice of highly focused stroke-play or completely random shots that will make you sweat!

3. Ping Pong Around The World

Also called Merry-Go-Round, this game is perfect for groups of five or more. The idea is that each player hits the ball once and then has to run to the other side of the table for their next shot. A missed ball or shot takes a player out of the game. Fewer and few players are left until there is only one left standing. The JET Set paddle package is a great way to outfit your entire crew with a paddle.


4. Double Bounce Table Tennis

This game is just like the regular game of ping pong, but with one twist. Instead of only letting the ball bounce on the opponent’s side of the table you must bounce the ball on your side and their side for every shot, just like you do every serve. Everything else stays the same. This simple change to the rules is easier said than done and takes some serious thinking to double bounce every time.

5. Set Up Your Table in Playback Position

For those of you lucky enough to own a folding MyT Series ping pong table from Killerspin, you can set up your table in the playback position by folding one side up as if you were going to store the table, while leaving the other down. With the table in playback position you can play on your own by hitting the rebounds from the upright table back at the upright portion of the table. Or, to make things even more challenging, pick an opponent and take turns hitting the ball off the upright table until someone makes a mistake. Each missed ball counts as a point. Use standard table tennis scoring to decide the winner.

MyT5-Black-Pocket-folded MyT Series Ping Pong Table In Playback Position

6. Play the Long Ball

You’ll need a little room for this one. Take your MyT or Revolution Series table and pull the two sides away from each other, leaving some space between the two halves. Just how much separation is up to you. The more you separate the halves, the more challenging the game will become. Now, play a game a table tennis with standard rules.

7. Shake It Up

You can set down the paddles for this one. Empty your trick or treat bucket and grab a handful of balls. Use some string or tape to secure the bucket around your waste, on your hips. Fill the bucket with some table tennis balls and set a timer. Shake those hips and bounce the balls out of the box. The player with the fastest time wins!

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