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Forehand Inside-Out Loop

May 7, 2014 by admin

The inside-out loop breaks in the opposite direction, to the right. If it is placed towards the backhand side, it draws the opponent out wide into his backhand. If it is placed on the forehand or the middle of the ping pong table, it can jam him, because it breaks into his body. You achieve it by doing a loop and dragging the table tennis paddle across the back of the ball, right to left, in kind of a windshield wiper action.

Contact the ball here.

Step out wide to the left on follow through. The racket face points to the right and drags across the back of the ball. Throw the right shoulder forward as you contact the ping pong ball to help drive it. This is a great shot to create variety. If it is used during a counter looping rally, it can break the opponent's rhythm, and if the placement is well chosen and precisely executed it often yields a clean point.

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