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Five Ways You Can Make This Valentine's Day Special

February 2, 2016 by admin

It’s no secret, we love you!

If you know anything about Killerspin, you know that we love our customers. It’s a not so secret ingredient that makes our products more than just table tennis equipment. That’s why we use every opportunity to make you feel special and help you do the same for people you care about. And what better opportunity than Valentine’s Day?

Here are the deals

So, what’s the deal? There’s no deal, there are deals! We know that every ping pong lover is not the same, so we came up with a few special, limited time offers, that you can choose from based on your actual needs.

Killerspin Ultimate Ping Pong Bundle

The Ultimate Ping Pong Bundle for FREE

When you purchase any Revolution table, you don’t just get the best ping pong table in the world, you become a part of the table tennis elite. That’s why we prepared a gift worthy of that stature. It includes:
• 2 Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Cases
• 2 Jet700 Ping Pong Paddles
• 2 Jet600 Table Tennis Paddles
• 4 Paddle Rubber Protectors
• a Table Tennis Scoreboard
• a SVR Wallet
…for FREE with Revolution table purchase. Welcome to the Revolution!


Killerspin Everything Ping Pong Bundle

The Everything Bundle

Get everything you need to start playing table tennis. When you buy a MyT10 ClubPro or MyT Wild Table Tennis Table we will throw in four free paddles, two free paddle cases, a table tennis serving trainer, & more — a $300 value, for free. This is our way of helping you #UnPlugNPlay with an epic ping pong experience.


Killerspin 2U Black Gift Bundle

SVR 2U Black Gift Bundle

With its striking all black look and high quality build and performance, the all new SVR 2U Black Paddle Set is the perfect gift and companion to the Revolution table. Make no room for regrets, take advantage of our special offer and get a free Barracuda Case, SVR Wallet and two Rubber Protectors to go with it.


Killerspin Stilo7 SVR Gift Bundle

Stilo7 SVR Bundle

The STILO7 SVR Limited Edition is most probably the lightest, fastest and coolest table tennis racket out there. It might have something to do with its awesome carbon fiber construction. For a limited time only, you can get over $100 in FREE gifts with purchase of a Stilo7 SVR Paddle, including a Serving Trainer, SVR Wallet, and Rubber Protector. Game on? Game on!

Killerspin Lucky Bags

Killerspin Lucky Bags

Feeling lucky? Order your Killerspin Lucky Bag today and get a bag full of awesome table tennis apparel. Besides the guaranteed items that come with each Lucky Bag, some of them contain random extra products. So if you’re lucky enough, you can end up with up to 10 times worth of what you pay. How about that for a bargain?

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