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Find out all you wanted to know about our MyT tables

September 21, 2016 by Lina

Whether you’re looking for a table for your garage, your cottage, or an upscale downtown office, we’re confident you’ll find a perfect match in one of our MyT models.

To make the process easier for you, we collected 10 frequently asked questions about our MyT tables.

1. What are the dimensions of MYT tables?

All Killerspin tables are regulation size. For all of you who don’t find satisfaction in browsing the ITTF’s website, regulation size means that the table is 9ft long, 5ft wide and 2ft 6in high (plus another 6in for the net).

2. Are MyT tables foldable?

Yes! All MyT tables are foldable and very easy to store. Since the mechanism is same for all MyT models, the following video should serve as a good example.

Wheel Locks on Killerspin MyT Ping Pong Tables Each wheel has its own lock. Be sure to lock before folding.
Net on Killerspin MyT Ping Pong Tables Move the net off the seam between the two halves and secure.
Killerspin safety latch Open the latch so the table can fold.
Killerspin Folding MyT Ping Pong Tables To fold the table up, lift from the side opposite the net and push up towards other side until safety latch locks in place.

All MyT tables are two piece tables and therefore can be put in an upright position.

3. Is the assembly process easy?

The assembly process is very easy. In fact, that is an understatement. It takes 15 minutes from box to play, so you can save your White Glove money, or invest it in a better model. For your quick guide to set up and install MyT table click here.

4. What’s the difference between Indoor and Outdoor tables?

They look the same, they have the same assembly, so what is different? Obviously, Outdoor tables are weatherproof, and what makes them resistant to any weather is the aluminum-plastic top.

On the other side, we have Indoor tables with MDF table tops. When it comes to performance the top does make the difference. Outdoor tables have a lower bounce, even though it’s even, and they make an acoustic sound. However, the sound is not noticeable when you’re outside, and chances are you won’t even notice the lower bounce, unless you’re a professional table tennis player. So, if you’re trying to decide between indoor and outdoor versions, you need to ask yourself if you need one of them in particular, because if you don’t, and you were actually hoping to bring the party inside once the summer is over, MyT10 BlackStorm is a good solution. A hybrid of all things good: plays like an indoor table, resists weather like an outdoor.

MyT 10 Black Storm 1

5. How do I clean my table?

Use a slightly dampened cloth, or maybe even spray some Windex on a cloth and then clean the table with it (just don’t spray it directly on the table). Of course, you can always get a dedicated table tennis table cleaner, if you want to make sure it’s spotless.

6. What are the table’s folded dimensions?

MyT tables’ folded dimensions are: 64” x 60” x 24”, small enough to hide away. MyT tables are two piece tables, so each half can be folded and stored separately.

7. How do the tables stay folded and stationary?

All MyT tables come with a safety locking system that includes latches beneath the table top (to lock it while it’s in an upright position) and lock on all the wheels (except for Myt4, which only has locks on 4 wheels) to stop them from moving when you’re playing.

8. Can we use an indoor table outside/in the garage?

All indoor MyT tables can be used in a garage, or even outside, since they are very easily moved. However, make sure you bring it inside after you’re done playing. Rain and even dew can severely damage the MDF top. If you need a table you can use both indoor and outdoor, our outdoor tables including the MyT10 BlackStorm could be a perfect option. It’s aluminum and plastic top is weatherproof, but it plays almost like an indoor table, giving you the best of both worlds.


9. How much space do I need around the table?

Ideally, 5ft on each end and 3ft on each side. Of course, this is the tournament standard. A regular recreational player does not need that much space. A few feet on each end and side would be more that enough.


10. Will I regret buying one of the MyT tables?

No! You’ll regret not buying it sooner! 





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