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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea

May 15, 2014 by admin

Dad Deserves It

Dads are busier than ever these days. His high pressure work responsibilities combined with his desire to support and please his family can be stressful. Juggling this balance is undoubtedly difficult. Family is the working dad’s priority, and finding new ways to spend quality time with them is often limited by time, effort and money. Many of the traditional family bonding activities can be ineffective:

  • Watching movies doesn’t allow the family to converse
  • Vacations are hard to plan and short-lived
  • Going out for dinner can get stale and boring for the kids

Enter Ping Pong

Ping pong (or table tennis) is a tried and true element of American homes, allowing the family to unplug from their electronics and spend quality time together. Regardless of age, gender or physical ability, table tennis is a game the whole family can enjoy. It’s active, fun, exciting, and guaranteed to provide some laughs along the way. Make it easy and fun for Dad to do what he values most – connect with his family.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Killerspin

Killerspin offers a range of products ideal for Father’s Day.

  • Custom Ping Pong Paddles – Give your dad the perfect gift this Father's —a custom ping pong paddle from Killerspin. Show him how much you care with a free custom rubber design or fully custom handle engraving.
  • Table packages – Including tables, rackets, balls and more, a package will provide dad everything he needs to start playing immediately! We offer packages with our world-renowned Revolution tables as well as indoor and outdoor foldup tables.
  • Ping pong robot – This is not a typo. The Killerspin Throw Robot II is an automatic ball feeder that hooks onto any regulation ping pong table. With multiple serve settings, dynamic ball spins and customized sessions, dad and the entire family can skip the treadmill and get a fun workout.
  • Racket packages – The Stilo7 SVR and Diamond CQ Premium Package both include 2 of the best rackets in the world with stylish cases for the ultimate unveiling.

Forget the ties and socks, make this one a Father’s Day he will never forget.

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