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Bruce Lee - Journey and Philosophy

February 28, 2014 by admin

The Journey and Influence of Bruce Lee

While movies may depict "chosen" martial artists, who arise from nothing by virtue of magic or hidden potential, this was not the way and life of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s journey to developing his unique style was riddled with challenges which he overcame by means of vigorous physical and mental training and facing challenges head on.

Bruce Lee crystallized and spread a new idea of training, integrating innovative Taoist thinking from his culture to overcome physical limitations and western strength training and conditioning to prepare his body for any sort of challenge. He was an inspiration to professional and amateur athletes, and an example of what can be accomplished with force of will, dedication, and acceptance of a discipline for what it is. He continues to be an inspiration of what comes of the fusion of mind and body when applied to any discipline.

The Empty Cup Philosophy

One principle he loved to exemplify was that of an empty cup. A cup is only useful because it is empty, and to permanently fill a cup would render it a useless, funny shaped block. Likewise an un-adaptive athlete is quickly overwhelmed by one who is dynamic. A table tennis player who cannot adapt to what is being thrown at them is much akin to a martial artist with eyes and ears shut; standing there like a block, waiting to get hit.

More than just being an action hero, Bruce Lee was people's inspiration and an example of how dynamic training and a quick mind was worth much more than brute force or raw strength. Much like a well-oiled machine, many athletes aspired to train with Bruce Lee’s optimistic attitude and cunning mindset. When a person masters a sport by learning the fundamentals, from the mountain top they will be able to see all the other skills that can be mastered and choose a path to continue. The black belt’s journey is a story of death and rebirth---death of misconceptions and the rebirth of a stronger athlete.

Bruce Lee and Table Tennis

Table tennis is a great example of the athlete's journey, as in the beginning, it may seem to be about strong hits and fast reactions, but these individuals only hold great success till they meet a defensive player who uses that skillful application and reduction of force to lure the aggressive player out of position, and finish with a sharp angle. A stronger faster player can be beaten with better strategy.

Through this concept, Killerspin’s Bruce Lee line is born.

Bruce Lee was indeed a big fan of the sport of table tennis. He used it as a development tool for superior hand-eye coordination and increased reaction time. Killerspin, in conjunction with Bruce Lee Enterprises, has developed a product line that exudes Bruce’s style and attitude. His legacy played a big part in the creation and direction of Killerspin, and we want to honor that legacy with highly styled, quality products modeled around Bruce’s philosophies.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong Products

MyT Lee: this mini table is a great way to build hand-eye coordination and boost reaction time. Master this table and your game on a regular table will seem like it’s being played in slow motion. See MyT Lee mini table

Bruce Lee - Practical Dreamer: this paddle is made for control and agility. Much like Bruce’s fighting style, it is engineered with 5-plys of high quality wood, making it flexible and versatile. Complete with tournament-ready rubber, this paddle is built for performance and is a Bruce Lee collectible like no other – complete with a beautiful hard case. See Bruce Lee - Practical Dreamer racket

The Face Shirt – simple but poetic, this shirt has style and grace that symbolizes the connection of Bruce and the sport of table tennis. See The Face Shirt for men and for women.

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