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5 Tips to Prepare a Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

November 16, 2016 by Una Vidanovic

Thanksgiving is almost here! Family, sports and Black Friday fever are all fun parts of Thanksgiving, but let's face it - we all LOVE the food! It’s the best part of the evening. Here are 5 tips to organize Thanksgiving dinner that will be extra special this year.

Embraced extended family celebrating Thanksgiving day


1. Prepare the menu 

If this year is your turn to host a Thanksgiving dinner, then we all know that table decoration is the most important part. Sure, turkey is the main course, but nothing will make your table look amazing like mashed potatoes, collard greens, candied yams, bread rolls and pumpkin pie. Am I right? :) We can never forget Ham, baked mac and cheese, sweet potato pie or pecan pie.  By now you are wondering: When will I prepare all this? Well, it’s easy to get excited about a holiday meal and go overboard with your menu. Keep your head out of the clouds and think carefully about everything you must do to create each dish.

Our advice is to make a few items that are more difficult and take more time and a few items that are quick and easy. That way you will have time to prepare other things for Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Choose the right Playlist 

Songs for Thanksgiving fall into three different categories. First, there are songs recorded specifically for the holiday. However, there are a lot fewer of these for Thanksgiving then there are for Christmas or Valentine's Day, so you have to be more creative unless you want to listen to a small subset of songs on repeat. The second Thanksgiving-appropriate category are songs that generally address giving thanks -- even if they aren't specifically geared towards the holiday. The third and most eclectic category are songs about Thanksgiving food: potatoes, turkeys, and pies. At the end of the day, you can always choose already created playlists on Youtube :)

3. Decorate the table

Table decorations are the most exciting part for me. You don’t set everything like you normally do it every day. For Thanksgiving we choose the right plates, special cutlery sets and favorite napkins. For those who think that they don’t have enough space at their dinner table, here is a small tip! Other than playing ping pong, use the table tennis table to gather all your friends and family around it. It’s wide and long enough, it will definitely bring the element of surprise, and I am sure it will make this Thanksgiving extra memorable.

4. Serve bubbles

People love bubbles! Serve before dinner to feel festive, or with dinner. Choose white and red ones, there is always someone in the family that prefers red wine over the white one. It doesn't have to be expensive, either. Just enough to put everyone in a celebratory mood.

thanksgiving 2

5. Prepare family tournament

We all know that football is an important part of Thanksgiving dinner. If you are lucky, your favorite team will play a game that day. My advice is to choose something different this year and surprise your family and friends. A ping pong tournament will make everyone feel included and will definitely help you burn some calories after that turkey, right? :) You already have a ping pong table in the room, all you need is to get those ping pong paddles, choose some balls and you are all set to spend the rest of the evening creating memorable Thanksgiving moments with everyone.

At the end all that is left for me to say is Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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