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Barracuda Paddle Case

Barracuda Paddle Case

Shape of a paddle

Designed with players' needs in mind, it’s functional and composed of more sections. With elastic inside fasteners, secure two paddles in the large main pocket and don’t forget to bring the balls - there’s a side pocket especially made for this necessity!

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Maximum durability 

Barracuda Paddle Case is made out of reinforced padded polyester fabric in order to provide you long endurance of your accessories. 

Handle for your convenience 

Take your equipment anywhere with you and be able to cary a handful of other stuff too. Barracuda Paddle Case has a very practical handle!

Killerspin Barracuda TT Bag


I like the quality of the bag, it has padded sides and has straps on the inside to hold your paddles. The bag also has an outer zippered pocket for accessories such as extra balls, etc. I like it.


A Quality Case


I'm an avid table tennis player and recently purchased this pouch for my paddle. I chose this particular model by appearance of design quality. The bag will accommodate two paddles and has a smaller pouch for balls or accessories. I recommend this pouch, however, if you're a frequent player, I think manufacturers could be pressed to offer a larger bag which could accommodate paddle cleaning accessories, additional balls, and towels for personal use and table cleaning. When I go to our local recreation center, I incorporate this bag in a larger carry case. The case does serve the purpose of protecting the paddle's integrity. Of course, if you use inverted rubber on your paddles, you will want to be sure to cover the rubber with adhering plastic to prevent exposure to air to maintain effective ball-friction properties and prevent detioration.


Nice little bag--glad I bought it.


This is a good bag. It's solidly constructed, has a handle, straps for your paddles, and a zipper pouch. No complaints.


Killerspin Barracuda Paddle Case 605-23 Table Tennis Racket Case

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