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Replacement Net Blue

Replacement Net Blue

Don't underestimate the importance of the net

Killerspin Replacement Nets are 100% cotton and 100% high quality. They fit perfectly on the Zephyr, Apex, Aurora and Clip on Net Sets - all of them!

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Color Options

Whether you're looking for an option that will complement your black table, or you need something less formal, Kilerspin offers both solutions. These durable nets come in two color options that will satisfy everybody's taste.

Advantages are countless 

For quick and easy installation, the Replacement Nets slide on to existing posts, and there are two tension-adjuster tabs that will make that task of tightening the net effortless.

I wish there was a better replacement net


We have had several of these nets and the oil cloth edge rips easily and the net has to be replaced frequently. The replacement net costs half as much as the whole assembly. This does not make sense.

Waverly, OH


Killerspin Replacement Net Blue 603-95 Table Tennis Net

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