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Clip On Net Post Set

Clip On Net Post Set

When we say "in two minutes", we really mean it!

The Clip on Net & Post Set is Killerspin's most practical and definitely the easiest Net & Post set to assemble.

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We thought of everything 

The Clip On Net & Post Set is constructed of heavy duty steel post and durable netting. The inside of the clamp is padded with soft rubber, to prevent the scratching of the table surface. 

Universal accessory

One of many pros of this Net & Post Set is the fact that it fits every Killerspin table. So, no mater which indoor or outdoor table you have, Clip On Net & Post Set will fit ideally.

Your kids can do it!

Killerspin Clip On Net & Post Set will ensure a quick assembly. It will take only a few moments to adjust, you'll be ready to play in no time! And when your table is stored, you're provided with a case for the net. 

Wow, most amazing net I have ever seen.


Though not in any way professionally, I have been playing ping pong for over 15 years now. This is the most amazing net I have every played with. The adjustable height works very easily and the adjustable tension works perfectly. The clamps are so strong and much better than any crank down solution I have seen in the past. The clamps are so strong that they align the table back up for us which was out of alignment in the middle by about an inch. Highly recommend.


Mixed Feelings


The item itself is great and quick, but a couple of complaints. First, the net is cheap and weak. It works find now, but noticed a couple of the stitching had come undone after the first use. set up is quick and easy, but wobbles... not a great fit for avid and serious player, great for family fun.


Excellent net!


This is easily the best net I've ever used. Perfect for situations where your table must be folded and moved to a new location each time you play. That's our setup where I play. Previous nets we've used lasted about a year before the posts would break. The clamp mechanism here hugs the table tightly with a strong spring, so tension of the net is never a problem. I don't understand the user who posted problems with net tensioning. It's totally simple. A steel rod goes inside the looped ends of the net, and then slides down the post into place. So, clamp on the posts, insert the rods into the end loops of the net, slide the ends into the hollow posts, then adjust fine tuning of the net tension with the top string extending from the ends of the net, and attaching to little notches in the post base. Presto. Easy, and works great every time. This post/net setup may well outlast the table, since there are no stress points at all! I'm buying another for my local clubhouse...


Killerspin Clip On Net Post Set 603-97 Table Tennis Net Post Set

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