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4 Star 72 White Balls

4 Star 72 White Balls

Only the highest quality!

Killerspin 4-Star balls are every player's dream. They are ideal, whether you're playing at school, office or home. These balls truly reflect what Killerspin brand is all about, and that's high-end design and performance.

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  • Quality

    4 Star
  • Quantity


Follow the movement of the ball

Killerspin 4-Star table tennis balls are branded with the Killerspin logo on one side, and a black stripe on the other, to allow for better spin observation.


High quality 

Constructed with high-grade materials, these 40mm balls are among some of the strongest on the market and will withstand higher levels of play.

We match your needs

Killerspin 4-Star balls are available in a 3-pack, a 72-pack or a 144 gross. Make sure you never run out of balls, and go with a bigger package that will fit you family's/office needs.




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