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Ping Pong Tables & Table Tennis Tables

Killerspin is the leader in quality ping pong tables. Browse our world-class selection, including our premium table tennis table, the Revolution, plus professional quality fold

The Revolution Series

Revolution BlackSteel


$2,699.00 - $4,499.00

The Revolution series represents the best in high-end table tennis tables. Featuring the style and performance you deserve, these luxury ping pong tables make a statement as the centerpiece in everything from game rooms to conference rooms.

  • High-end, regulation size table tennis tables
  • Arched metal base with clean lines & a bold design
  • Apex Solid Steel Post System holds net tight & level
  • Easy assembly, extremely sturdy, & unusually durable
  • High performance surface for superior ball control
  • Free shipping & White Glove Delivery Service available
  • Fully customize your table with the design of your choice

MyT Indoor Ping Pong Tables

MyT10 BluPocket


$599.00 - $1,049.00

Complete your game room when you add a MyT Indoor ping pong table. These tables are perfect for everything from tournament-level play to family fun in the basement. Their sturdy, folding frame and large wheels make playing, moving and storage easy.

  • The best regulation size table tennis tables available
  • Play anywhere, store anywhere, move anywhere
  • Premium engineered top enhances game play & speed
  • Easy setup — from box to play in 15 minutes or less
  • Perfect for recreational & professional players
  • Thick, durable frame & table top stands up to hard use
  • Easily fold for storage & roll away on large wheels
  • Fully customize your table with the design of your choice
Killerspin MyT Indoor Series Folding Ping Pong Table Tennis Tables`

MyT Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

MyT7 BlackStorm


$979.00 - $1,299.00

Bring the fun outside with the MyT Outdoor + In waterproof ping pong table series. Gather friends in the backyard and get ready for hours of fun, laughter, and friendly competition in the sun with these durable and weatherproof outdoor ping pong tables.

  • Regulation size table tennis tables for outdoor use
  • Play ping pong on the patio, at the beach, or the backyard
  • Fully weatherproof top with true bounce technology
  • Oversized wheels so you can roll your table anywhere
  • Takes just seconds to fold tight and compact for storage
  • Waterproof design for storage & play flexibility
  • Dominate the competition, both outside & indoors
  • The best outdoor tables money can buy.
  • Fully customize your table with the design of your choice
Killerspin Outdoor Ping Pong Table Tennis Weatherproof

Killerspin Ping Pong Table Packages

UnPlugNPlay MyT 5 BiancoPure Snow Jam Party Pack


$649.00 - $4,499.00

Each table tennis package bundles together everything you need to get started playing one of the most popular games in the world, including a premium Killerspin ping pong table, paddles and balls.

  • Save money when you buy a ping pong package deal
  • Table tennis packages designed for every level of play
  • Bundles include table, paddles, balls & accessories
  • Perfect for any home, office, or #UnPlugNPlay event
  • Choose from Revolution or MyT Indoor & Outdoor tables
  • Fully customize your table with the design of your choice
  • Customize the handle, rubber or side tape of the paddles
Killerspin Ping Pong Table Packages Include Paddles, Balls and a Table Tennis Table

Ping Pong Tables and Table Tennis Tables from Killerspin


The sport of table tennis quickly grew from a way to enjoy tennis indoors during the winter months to a hugely popular past time around the world. What was once a parlor game has now become a true Olympic sport and favorite pastime in many homes and businesses. 

Because of the game’s soaring popularity, ping pong tables have established themselves a must-have centerpiece in the game room and office space. Young or old, fit or not quite so fit, the game of ping pong can be played by anyone, at any time. Choosing to outfit your home or office with a professional quality table tennis table is a great way to ensure that your friends, family and co-workers can enjoy the numerous mental, physical and social benefits of the sport.

The sport’s quick pace when played helps sharpen our minds, its high energy provides great a cardio workout, while the intimate nature of a ping pong table provides ample opportunities for conversation during 2-player singles matches or 4-player doubles competitions. Hangout in your basement rec room or make a statement by replacing your dining room or conference room table with one of our Revolution series ping pong tables. After all, it's been said that you're not really a tech company until you have a ping pong table in the office. Our wide selection of professional quality table tennis tables is sure to have the perfect option for your needs. #UnPlugNPlay with Killerspin today.

Whether you play for fun, for competition, or a little of both, one thing is for sure, Killerspin creates some of the most attractive and highest performing regulation size table tennis tables available for sale today. From traditional blue tables with white lines, to modern black table tennis tables without the extra lines, even ultra-stylish all-white ping pong tables that are fit in with the most upscale home furnishings, we have the exact ping pong table for your personal style and preferences. This includes traditional folding indoor tables, folding outdoor tables as well as high end moveable indoor tables. The dimensions of our tables exactly match the size required in the official table tennis rule book, while the table top playing surface exceeds any requirements for sale. Our table frames are substantial and durable enough to stand up to heavy play and rough handling, and built-in table pockets help keep paddles and balls organized and protected when not in use. 

When you buy Killerspin you’re choosing the best in high quality, high style and high service. Every one of our products is designed in the U.S.A. and built to exacting standards, both in terms of form and function. Our concierge customer service is here when you need it; before, during and after equipment sale. We even offer free nationwide shipping on every table and on all shopping orders over $75 to the contiguous United States. And if you don’t want bother yourself with table installation and setup, we can do that for you, too, with our White Glove Delivery and Takeaway Service. 

With out wealth of 5-star product reviews, Killerspin is truly the best place to buy a ping pong table online. Add in free shipping to your door, or available white glove setup and takeaway service, and buying a ping pong table online is even better than buying it locally. When you want the best ping pong table, you want Killerspin.