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Diamond Series Ping Pong Paddles

  • Exceeds ITTF competition standards
  • High tension Fortissimo rubbers
  • Lightweight 5-ply wood & carbon construction
  • High speed, powerful spin & steady control
  • Perfect for competitive style play & table tennis domination

Diamond TC Premium

Synonym for speed!

No cylinders or horsepower - combination of two layers of Titanium Carbon and Fortissimo rubbers is what makes this paddle outstanding. We created this racket to help you clear your way to the winner title!

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Diamond CQ Premium Package

A Diamond is Forever

On the outside, Diamond CQ Premium Package looks great. It would be an understatement if we didn't add: and inside is The Greatest. A paddle that's marking careers of so many pros around the world will be a Game-changer for you! Don't separate it from its red premium case. You'll break the spell.

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Diamond CQ - Premium

Uncompromised excellence

This advanced racket that meets and exceeds the ITTF in-competition standards was designed for players who enjoy dominating a table tennis table surface. 2-ply carbon and 5-ply wood construction assembled with Fortissimo rubbers - this is precisely what will distinguish you as a player.

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Diamond TC

Attractive in a Way You Can't Resist

Mixture of different high speed materials provides an impressive performance and represents your serious intensions of becoming a player with a very unique style. Use the potential of this paddle to the fullest and experience an ultra-fast, exciting game.

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Diamond CQ RTG

Pure Balance

It's time to secure your path to victory. The Diamond CQ RTG combines just the right amount of speed, spin and control when performance matters. You'll get used to playing with this paddle so fast and easy, you'll hardly ever think of replacing it.

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