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Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin is the leader in premium table tennis paddles. Killerspin offers a range of world-class ping pong rackets to satisfy
those looking for aesthetic beauty or top-level performance.

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SVR & Collectible Ping Pong Paddles

SVR 2U Black Paddle Set


$249.00 - $599.00

Custom built and collectible ping pong paddles made with high quality rubbers. A great choice for table tennis players looking for an extra edge in competition.

  • Custom crafted paddles made with high quality rubbers
  • Sleek designs that feel right in your hand
  • Perfect for table tennis enthusiasts and professional players
  • Collect, play, dominate
Killerspin SVR & Collectible Ping Pong Paddles and Rackets for Table Tennis

Diamond Series Table Tennis Paddles

Diamond CQ Premium


$190.99 - $259.99

High performance table tennis paddles for serious competitors. Crafted of select woods and carbon fiber, and finished with high tension Fortissimo rubbers, these rackets provide the speed, spin and control you need to win.

  • Exceeds ITTF competition standards
  • High tension Fortissimo rubbers
  • Lightweight 5-ply wood & carbon construction
  • High speed, powerful spin & steady control
  • Perfect for competitive style play & table tennis domination
  • Customize the paddle's handle or rubber
Killerspin Diamond Series Ping Pong Paddles and Table Tennis Rackets

Kido Series Ping Pong Paddles

Kido 5A RTG Premium


$117.99 - $209.99

Kido Series ping pong paddles feature exceptional speed, spin and control, and are perfect for tournament play or home/office competition. With a Kido in your hand, your table tennis game will never be the same.

  • ITTF approved custom designed competition racket
  • Tournament style & quality
  • High quality rubbers
  • Exceptional speed, spin & control
  • Available in straight or flared handle styles
  • Customize the paddle's handle or rubber

Jet Series Ping Pong Paddles

JET SET 4 Premium


$24.99 - $99.99

The Jet series of ping pong paddles is designed with the needs of the everyday player in mind. Built from tough and reliable rubbers and wood, this line delivers on ball feel and controllability.

  • The perfect racket series for beginner, intermediate, & everyday table tennis players
  • Crafted from durable wood, with tough rubbers for great control
  • Designed for less spin, more feel & rhythm to keep the game going
  • Affordably priced and attractively designed
  • Customize the paddle's handle or rubber

Ping Pong Paddle Packages

SVR Complete Limited Edition Package


$114.99 - $599.00

When you outfit yourself with a Killerspin ping pong paddle pack you're letting the world know you're serious about table tennis. Each package includes a high quality paddle, case and balls.

  • Cutting edge performance, distinctive style, ultimate quality
  • Packages for every level of play
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Everything you need to learn, play and dominate your game
  • Customize the handle, rubber or side tape

Ping Pong Paddles and Table Tennis Rackets from Killerspin

Ping pong paddles are deceptively simple looking. On the surface it looks like they’re made of a simple wooden blade with a bit of rubber glued on top. While that may be the basic truth, what you don’t see if the wealth of technology that goes into these highly complex blades and the advanced composition of the rubber and sponge combination. Paddles that look similar can vary significantly in performance, imparting more or less spin, greater or lesser speed and differing levels of control.

Each Killerspin ping pong paddle is constructed of two distinct parts; the blade and rubber. The blade is the wooden or composite portion that provides the grip and backbone of the racket. It is responsible for much of the power produced. Our blades vary in construction, from those with five layers of specially-selected wood to those with five layers of premium wood and several titanium or carbon fiber layers. Each combination provides differing levels of flex which impart different levels of spin and speed to the ping pong ball. Players that like to loop usually choose blades with fewer layer for more flexibility, while player that like to drive or block select stiffer blades with more layers to prevent flexing. They all may look similar, but the performance differences between entry level paddles and high end, tournament quality table tennis rackets is quite significant.

Rubbers are the next component of the paddle. These are glued to the blade with a water-based adhesive. Paddles with RTG in the name are built to have their rubbers replaced, while in most cases, rackets without the RTG moniker typically are not designed for rubber replacement. Killerspin Diamond and Kido series are custom made RTG paddles. Killerspin offers two rubber selections, the ITTF approved Nitrx 4Z rubber and the ITTF approved Fortissimo rubber. The grippy topsheet on Nitrx 4z gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots. High control is offered for blocks and counters. Nitrx 4z rubber is suited for a power driving offense, and works well in a third-ball attack game. The Killerspin Fortissimo is an extremely innovative rubber developed especially for offense-oriented and top-spin players. The Fortissimo consists of a hybrid top-sheet made of an elastic compound which generates amazing rebound as well as a soft compound that grabs the ball and create more spin. Equal components of natural and synthetic rubber provide extra spring upon contact.

Each of our table tennis paddles is rated on a scale of 1 to 12 in three categories: spin, speed and control. The higher the number, the more spin/speed/control the racket produces. Offensive players tend to prefer paddles with high spin and speed ratings, while defensive players typically choose a ping pong racket with a focus on control and spin.

Typically there is three different blade handle styles from which to choose; straight, flared, and penhold. Straight and flared handle styles are self-explanatory. The straight blade is the same width from base of the racket head to the end, while flared handles increase in diameter as they move away from the racket head. Both paddles are meant to be held in the traditional western or shakehand grip, like a tennis racket with the index finger placed over the racket head perpendicular to the handle. Penhold grips are designed for what is essentially the opposite grip. Instead of the racked head extending from the thumb-side of the hand, the head extends out from the little finger side of the hand.

Killerspin manufacturers and sells a wide range of ping pong paddles, from entry level paddles designed for fun in the home or office to high end, professional quality paddles that are used by leading athletes in international competition. As with our tables, our ping pong paddles are created with both performance and looks in mind. You’re sure to look good while you dominate your opponent with a Killerspin racket.