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    Table Tennis Equipment for Every Level, Every Player

    A great game of Table Tennis needs at least two things: enthusiastic players and excellent equipment. The table tennis equipment experts at Killerspin have developed top-quality lines of Ping Pong equipment of every sort, from RTG paddles and cutting edge designed tables to ball-throwing robots. Whether you are just getting into Ping Pong or have years of experience in table tennis, equipment from Killerspin is the perfect complement to your game.

    It starts with a ball and a paddle. Killerspin produces pre-assembled paddles for beginners and experts alike, and also carries a complete line of blades and rubbers to allow for total customization of your play experience. Beginning and recreational players will find Killerspin's 1- and 2-star balls ideal for casual games and training purposes, while advanced players will appreciate the professional-grade quality of our 4-star line of tournament-level balls.

    No list of Ping Pong equipment is complete without tables. Our ping pong tables are our core business: from the family fun MyT line to the tournament-ready Revolution line, Killerspin's table tennis equipment is ready for every level of play. Killerspin ball-collecting tools and throw robots provide the finishing touch to our incredible catalog of Ping Pong equipment.